The full manuscript should be sent directly to the address shown in the page 2 of this Bulletin in printed form, according to the required format, along with good quality figures (photographs). Manuscript and other related materials could be sent electronically or by a CD to the above address, as well.

The authors should submit the manuscript written in a good quality Albanian language. In addition, authors can submit manuscripts in English as well, but authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English.

All the manuscripts should be written in MS Word 2000 using Times New Roman font, size 11, indention left 0”, right 0”, spacing Before 0 pt and After 6 pt, line spacing Single, alignment Justified. All the text should be prepared as an A4 paper format living 4,5 cm blank in all sides.

Title should be written in uppercase by using a Bold Font style of size 14 and centered. Authors’ name (s) and addresses, key words, abstracts (both in Albanian and English), different formulas, references and all the explanations of tables and figures should be written in a regular style of size 10. Manuscript organized according to the above instructions, including all the formulae, should not exceed 10 pages.

Title page should be arranged as follows: (a) Title and Author (s) names arranged in the same row; (b) Authors’ addresses should be adequately stated for postal communication and e-mail address of the author to whom correspondence should be addressed should be supplied, both these should be written in two separate rows; (c) Two Abstracts (not more than 200 words or 20 rows) in Albanian and English languages; (d) A short list of key words should be included. Generally, papers should be arranged with the following headings: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion and/or Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References.

In addition, short information summarized in less than four pages under the title: Short Information, Discussion, Summary or Short Communication could be accepted.

Manuscripts must be prepared very carefully according to the above rules, any eventual correction could be done only by the Editorial of the Bulletin.

Tables, figures and photographs should not exceed the printed page size (12 cm x 18 cm). They must be of good quality and should contain good and legibly black and white legend and explanations. It is recommended to submit electronically all the tables, figures and photographs in separated files along with the manuscript. All the formulas should be written clearly and with compatible symbols in order to avoid misunderstandings. Exact latin names of different organisms should be written in italic style. Every reference cited directly in the text should follow this format: name of the author, names of two authors or the name of the first one. Example: Uherkovich (1963): Brakefield & Dowdeswell (1985); Van den Hoek et al. (1995), or as a general citation: (Uherkovich, 1963; Brakefield & Dowdeswell, 1985; Van den Hoek et al., 1995). Concerning the refernce list, it should contain the names of all the authors, the complete journal or book title, publisher name, number of pages etc. written according to the following examples:

Brakefield P. M. (1982): The ecological genetics of quantitative characters of Maniola jurtina and other butterflies. In: The biology of butterflies. Symposia of the Royal Entomological Society, London. No. 11: 167-190

Brakefield P. M., Dowdeswell W. H. (1985): Comparison of two independent scoring techniques for spot variation in Maniola jurtina (L.) and the consequences of some differences. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 24: 329-345

Uherkovich G. (1963): Contributions a’ la connaisance du potamo-phytoplancton de quelques fleuves de l'Albanie. Acta Botanica, Ac. Sci. Hungaricae, vol. 9: 161-172

Van den Hoek C., Mann D. G., Johns H. M. (1995): Algae: An introduction to phycology. Cambridge University Press: 1-624


Only correct and complete manucripts will be accepted. To any manuscript a reviewer will be assigned in the first meeting of the Editorial Board. An anonymous reviewer, closer to the scientific field of the manuscript, will give an opinion on its quality or if it needs any eventual improvement or ammendments. In this case the corresponding author will be informed by the Editorial.